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The JMAR Process

  • Find the model number of your glasses (this is printed on the inside of one of the temples)
  • Search the list below to see if we have your model in stock
  • We repair your frame by replacing the damaged part with authentic Vuarnet pieces
  • You can send your broken frames in to us or we can send you the parts - same price
  • Click on the repair tab for pricing and shipping information

Available Frames
Available Lenses
Available Temples

*The first digit on the sunglass model number corresponds to the type of lens it is. A 4002 model number has a PX4000 lens (Skilynx) and has a 002 frame type (Cateye). Here are the types of lenses and short description:

PX2000 - Brown base lens, it is ideal for everyday use and driving due to the subtle enhancement of color and contrast it provides. A lighter brown lens

PX3000 - Grey based, perfect balance between comfort & protection which will give you true color transmission.

PX4000 - Skilynx Amber-yellow base, brown and anti-reflective interiors coatings, double gradient silver exterior filters, eliminates glare and reflection, enhances contrast and deph of field. The essential lens for in the mountains and at sea. Gradient amber brown lens

PX5000 - Brown base, brown & anti-reflective interior coatings. High performance lens for maximum protection. Recommended for use at high altitude, on glaciers and in deserts. Darkest lenses Vuarnet produces.

PX6000 UnilynxAmber-brown base, anti-reflective interior coating, hybrid lens with similar characteristics to the Skilynx but without the exterior silver filters. The serious lens for all-round outdoors use. Dark brown lenses

PX7000 Polarized glass lens, will have a "P" with skis in the upper right or left hand side of the lens.

PX8000 - Nautilux Yellow base, brown & anti-reflective interior coatings, double gradient blue exterior filters. A very technical, all weather lens conceived to protect against the strong reflection of the sea and against the tiring glare of hazy conditions. Especially effective for watersports. More amber and lighter colored then the px4000 lens.

PX9000 Lynx Yellow base. For night driving and thick fog. Significantly enhances relief and deph of field. NOT for use in the sun.

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