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the gift of your skilled repair made my day. Thank you!
Lynn B (6-4-23)
Received glasses today. Spectacularly satisfied. You do great work. Thank you !
Steve S (4-20-22)
I received the sunglasses today and am super happy! Great job! You are fantastic and look forward to doing more business with you.
Robert W (11-17-20)
We received glasses today so impressed. Thank you very much.
Debbie K (4-4-20)
Thanks for the super turnaround time on the repair – it is great to have my favorite sunglasses for the past 20 + years back. (it took you 4 days to get them back to me, it took me almost 6 months to initially mail them to you) I thought I would never get these fixed, when I called Vuarnet – they gave me your information, so I knew I had a chance if they were recommending you. Thanks again !
Jeff G(10-30-19)
Jmar Gifts, Can I start by saying I have owed this pair of glasses for about 15-20 years. I have always abused the heck out of them. They became my work around the yard glasses. But I love them. Just a couple of months ago I leaned over my deck rail and one of the temples broke. I was bummed! I called Vuarnet and of course they had no parts in stock. I was really bummed! Vuarnet gave me Jmar Gifts as a potential help with my problem. I contacted Mark at Jmar. I could not make out the model number any more. I sent him a picture of the glasses. He knew what I needed, and had me send them in. AWESOME! I now have my Vuarnet’s back and it was a great experience. I even found a pair in his stock that matched a pair my wife lost in the ocean along time ago, again AWESOME! Thank you very much, good prices great service.
Jon G(3-10-19)
I cracked the front frame on my Vuarnet 06 while loading luggage into my car. Man was I stressed; I had those sunglasses so long they were like a member of my family. I was more distressed to find out replacing them would cost triple what I had paid for them 10-12 years ago. So letting my fingers do the walking I came across JMAR GIFTS. I'm very glad I did; in little more than a week they were back and providing the sun protection Vuarnet lenses are famous for.
Pete - Cincinnati(4-7-18)
Just want to say THANK YOU for incredibly fast service in getting my recent order for replacement frames out! Really glad to know you have frames and lenses available, take care and I hope you're business is off to a great year! Cheers,
Jeff W(1-18-18)
Great service from Mark at Jmar Gifts. One of the temples from a very old and vintage pair of Vuarnet sunglasses broke off, and I couldn’t find anyone local to fix it. Found Jmar online. Their service was quick, creative and very reasonable. I’m now enjoying my glasses again.
David, in Southern California(10-10-17)
I just wanted to thank you for the repair work on my husband's Vuarnet sunglasses. They look great and we're both very pleased. We really appreciate your help and quick service! Best regards,
I received my repaired Vuarent sunglasses today. Thanks so much for the fast and excellent work. This is the best service I have received on anything in recent memory. I am thrilled to have my glasses back in service. Knowing you are out there adds to the pleasure in using them... although I intend to be more careful in how I handle them.
Richard B (9-16-16)
I got back my vintage 8085's with brand new Nautilux lenses!! great affordable and quick service from Jmar, I am a happy camper again since those were my favorite Vuarnets, I use them for sailing and they were badly scratched, Mark did an awesome job of bringing them back to life!
Luis L (8-22-16)
Received the repaired glasses yesterday. Fantastic job. Will recommend you to any Vuarnet owners we meet. thank you,
Dave S (5-13-16)
One Happy camper today, received my glasses from my friend in Florida. Beyond great job, excellent work, unbelievable. Like new, so happy. So now after 58.00 repair cost and original price of 125.00 in 1993, twenty 22 years of service out of this glasses avg. 8.31 per year. That is service with a smile. Thank you so much for a excellent job. So happy
Terry W (3-16-15)
I received them today. They’re beautiful. I am fashionista reborn! Well wishes,
Pam H (8-5-14)
It is great to be using my favorite sun glasses again. I originally bought them 37 years ago and having them back has given me great pleasure, because they are great glasses, as well as the renewal of past happy memories wearing them on my many adventures around the world.
Simon S (5-23-14)
All I can say is WOW. I sent my Navy Blue Vuarnet Wayfarer glasses in with both temples broken off the frame, on January 2nd, 2013. I received the glasses back, perfectly fixed, with the two temples that had broken off for spares, on January 7th , 2013 I have never had this good a repair service for anything, anywhere. Second time I have sent these glasses in for repair, with same result. Wish all repair experiences could be as good as JMAR gifts!!!
Chapel A (1-8-13)
Just wanted to say I'm very pleased with the repair you recently did to my white vuarnet sunglasses. They are decidedly 'vintage' -- belonged to my mom in the 80s -- and I was so upset when they broke. I wasn't sure anywhere would have the right parts to replace them. Now they are back in spiffy shape and you can't even tell there was anything wrong! I sent them just before christmas and had back them in time for the new year. Great service, reasonable prices -- I would definitely recommend you to friends and family. Many thanks!
Jenny G (1-4-13)
Thanks so much for repairing my two pair of Vuarnet sunglasses. I was overwhelmed when I saw them in my mailbox today. I’d been hanging onto my broken glasses for some time. I saw your company on the web and thought I’ll send them in, what do I have to loose, I can’t wear them. The glasses came back like new! I can’t even describe how happy I am. You are honest and fair and I’d gladly recommend you to anyone.
Brenda B (5-21-12)
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Vuarnet brown #003 frames that arrived promptly and fit exactly as described. I did not even need to adjust the ear pieces - perfect first time! You provide a valuable service, excellent products and honest deals. Thanks again and have a very happy new year.
Rich M (1-13-12)
Great job on my Vuarnet glasses replacing the frames. They broke nearly 25 years ago, never thought I would wear them again. Glad I hung on to them. Fast service
Tony D (8-22-11)
Thank you for all of you help. The replacement temple arm arrived last weekend - it was exactly what I needed and was very easy to attach it to the frames. It was a pleasure working with you and I will certainly recommend JMAR to anyone I know who needs help with their Vuarnets.
Adam G (7-28-11)
I just wanted to thank you and tell you how pleased I am with the recent repair of my 1980's Vaurnet 006 sunglasses. I sent them in last Wednesday and received them today. They look like new and I am very happy. You replaced my existing lenses into new frames and temples which have the Vaurnet name and emblem.
Sam K (11-15-10)
Sunglasses arrived on Saturday. An eight day transition from mailing them to you, having them repaired, and returning them is amazing- and I am very appreciative of the fast and courteous service. Customer service of this high caliber is rare, indeed- and I will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone.
Greg C (5-31-09)
I received my sunglasses perfectly repaired and the old temples back today 2/23. That was a 6 day turnaround from the day I shipped snailmail. Unbelievable. You should talk to Obama. If the country ran this way, we would have no budget or unemployment problems. You have exceeded my expectation. Thanks
Frank G (2-23-09)
I received the glasses back today. They look and feel great. Thank you so much for the quick return of them.
Lisa C (1-23-09)
Just got the shades back today. Awesome speed, awesome price, awesome service. They look good as new! I can't believe they got here just two business days after you got them. Thanks a million.
Justin H (4-8-08)
Guys, Thanks you so much. My lucky Sunglasses have returned. Now I can play Roulette @ the Raddisson Aruba the next couple of weeks with confidence… J J Merry X-mas
Paul P (12-20-07)
Thank you so much for the Vaurnet's with cable ear pieces...they came yesterday and are perfect! Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year for your, your family and loved ones.
Rita K (12-12-07)
I received the new lens today. It fit perfectly. Thank you so much,
David S (10-4-07)
Thanks so much for your help with my glasses. When I first bought this pair they were the blue frames. They became damaged and I was told the blue frames were no longer available and so I settled on the black. Having the blue frames again is such a treat. It's been over 20 years!
Steve P. - (4-6-06)
super quick delivery! A pleasure to do business with. I'll be back. ct-golfer (2-27-06)
repeat customer - perfect transaction and product as usual -- thanks!!! - shedens (2-22-06)
Watch and knife are awesome, prompt shipping. - leonard1224 (1-23-06)

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